Storm Seasons is a weekly post-apocalyptic webcomic that explores the zombie-filled world of Dystopia Rising. It has been written for both those familiar and new to the world of Dystopia Rising, and can be enjoyed independently of the Dystopia Rising LARP.




Ian Powell is a writer and event producer, currently living in Virginia. He has written on most of the Dystopia Rising source books, as well as been a contributor on Project: Paradigm, I AM ZOMBIE, Chronos, Ex-Arcana, and Devil Days. He also wrote the Dystopia Rising graphic novel Grave Days. He loves the X-Files, music with acoustic guitars, and large quantities of scotch whiskey.











Sam Bull is an illustrator from Toronto, Canada who has been playing Dystopia Rising since 2014. They have done art for several LARPs across Southern Ontario, and are now working on their first webcomic for Dystopia Rising. They love cozy blankets, environmental conservation, and coffee. Their website can be found here.